“I Got the Keys”

“New Freezer”

“#NoNewFriends2018! ‼️‼️....No one can be trusted out here. I don’t even have friends, only associates cause most of these n****** phony. They smile in your face yet plot for your downfall. That’s why I hate people.... y’all dumb. Keep following up behind “yo lil friends” and watch the snakes come up out ya grass.” Shhhhhhhh........ Continue Reading →

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“A Short Story, to Fuel the Long Road” When I looked in her eyes, I saw the pain she was enduring. I saw the fear, distress, weariness— and when she quietly grabbed her bags and walked out of the hospital room, down the hallway, I felt her helplessness.  “To whom much is given much is... Continue Reading →

God’s Plan

In high school, my school had interim reports that went out halfway through each quarter—I hated them. Not because I feared my grades were horrible... but because my mom got to see it. I hated when my mom saw interim reports. Interim reports (unlike report cards) showed every , single, individual grade for each assignment.... Continue Reading →

“Real Love”

We all knew what love was at 5 years old.... Sit down in the circle, open your paper bag and let everyone pass around their Valentine’s Day cards to each person in the class. But when you saw bae..... and when bae saw you—- you reached in your bag and pulled out the special card.... Continue Reading →


You are going to fail. Yes, your poor little soul will experience the sweet agony of FAILURE. The sad part is at this point in life... you’re probably gonna fail alone... in the dark... way in the back.... off in the corner... all by yourself. At least that’s how it feels. No faithful friends to... Continue Reading →


Life goes on behind the pictures. The angles, the lighting, your personal Snapchat hypeman... it’s all a facade. No doubt when the likes come rolling in it gives you the satisfaction that you are indeed killing the game. & when they don’t------ *delete* .... ooooh and don’t forget the infamous repost at peak scrolling hours...... Continue Reading →

“You Need to Cut it”

There is someone in your life right now that simply does not belong. I know, that’s your “A1”, you “love” him/her, you and them “stay lit”....Mmmmhmmmm.. You don’t need them and you know it. They are a place holder for that part of you that is fearful of your potential. They allow you to feel... Continue Reading →

“World’s Greatest”

The definition of your greatness lies within you but specifically in two places, your mind and your heart. When we are young I believe that God places a certain dream, a certain passion, and a certain innate destination for our life in our heart. It is then our responsibility to listen, cultivate, refine, and will... Continue Reading →

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