“Real Love”

We all knew what love was at 5 years old…. Sit down in the circle, open your paper bag and let everyone pass around their Valentine’s Day cards to each person in the class. But when you saw bae….. and when bae saw you—- you reached in your bag and pulled out the special card. The card with a specific purpose…. to show bae that the love was real. You would give bae the card, and on the inside was the universal signal of kindergarten love… a Sweetheart’s candy box… yeah—-no doubt about it, your love was real.

The best love was middle school love. The “meet you at the bus stop” love… the “walk you to class even though I’ll be late” love…..“the kiss me through the phone ringtone” love. Love was loyal then. So loyal, you knew you had someone to “Crank that (everything)” with you for 2 hours straight in a 216 degree sauna they called a gym ….mmmhmm…… no doubt your love was real.

You don’t know love unless you know prom love. Not that new age “MySuper Sweet Sixteen” Promposal mess. I’m talking, white tux… pastel vest [to match the dress], big frame shades, and your aunt’s Ford Explorer….. prom love. Prom love was leaving prom at 10… but showing up to Waffle House at 2 because everybody knew about the spot . Prom Love was special. Because for one night only… you know your love would last forever—and no doubt your love was real.

Now we’re grown and somewhere along the way we complicated things to believe that love is all about plastering pictures on social media, or buying out the mall at the expense of the other, or showing out when someone looks at bae’s shoes the wrong way. Somewhere along the way we confused sleeping in the same bed as living with the same heartbeat. Indeed we lost what was so real about love at the age of 5. Love was real because it was simple.. it was pure. At 13, to have someone waiting at your locker before 4th period meant the world to you. Now at 24 they can’t talk to you unless they have 2 cars, a house, benefits, and 2 vacation houses in Cabo. What happened to us?

On today… get back to what was real in your love. Take bae by the hand…. look them in the eye… they’ll look back to you—- reach in your bag… and hand them your heart. Leave them with no doubt… your love is real.


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