“New Freezer”

“#NoNewFriends2018! 🚫‼️‼️….No one can be trusted out here. I don’t even have friends, only associates cause most of these n****** phony. They smile in your face yet plot for your downfall. That’s why I hate people…. y’all dumb. Keep following up behind “yo lil friends” and watch the snakes come up out ya grass.”

Shhhhhhhh….. your lonely is showing. Looks as if you have convinced yourself that you don’t need anyone—- all to keep yourself emotionally numb…and SAFE. That’s cute……. No matter how hard you may try to place your self in elevated isolation… or convince yourself that you are self made—emotions don’t have an OFF switch and just like my money, you won’t make yourself.

Life doesn’t have a safehouse…. it’s an forgiving game of tag and lucky you, you will ALWAYS be “it”. If everyone around you is phony, understand it may be because it was you who took that ride to Never Never Land.  If you’re constantly worried about the snakes in your grass, you might be the rat they seek to inhale. If you are petrified to trust, every relationship you seek will crumble at your feet, leading you to believe the cause is external. You may proudly proclaim your trust issues and and truly expect the world to adjust to your deficiencies.

Open your eyes…. ain’t nobody switched up on you boo boo… the people around you are outchea living, I tell you! & more abundantly at that!

& they recognize your isolation for what it may truly be, envy. Negative energy due to the inability to be secure in your own emotions.

When you have been hurt so many times it’s hard to resist the urge to call “45” for ….”wall building assistance 🙄😒”. You’ll bring out the best emotional architects pity can buy in order to save your feelings. My brothers and sisters… allow yourself to live, allow your self to feel every emotion because we need it. We need to experience the love, the laughter, the pain, the mistrust, the shame, the ebs, the flows, the guilt, the ups, the downs…… we need that…. I needs allat..….you NEED that.

Contrary to what you may believe, your strength is not in your ability to put your heart on ice. Find your strength in your ability to experience the warmth of life, love, laughter, and repair the singe of heartbreak, tears and pain.

Unthawed hearts reside in chambers of solace…..”New Freezer.”


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