You are going to fail. Yes, your poor little soul will experience the sweet agony of FAILURE. The sad part is at this point in life… you’re probably gonna fail alone… in the dark… way in the back…. off in the corner… all by yourself. At least that’s how it feels. No faithful friends to vent to… no understanding parents to call home to…no sweet message from bae to lift your spirit…. it’s just you & Jesus…& even he left you on read—-No one fails like you do. Even your W’s look like L’s. Last week some one gave you the answers to the final exam… they were for Form B—-you had Form D…FAIL… Mannn.. listen, we can’t win for losing…. so why bother?

Many times we find ourselves toiling in sorrow because the dream we planned isn’t currently the life we live. Furthermore we resort to fear. Fear of failing again. Fear that if we continue to attempt to succeed, our past failures will continue to control our destiny—Those past “ain’t sh— n******” will continue to screw you over, that past semester GPA refuses to allow you to prosper , & and that past entry level position is all that you will ever become——Yet, we tend to forget that ALL of earth’s greatest natural creations arose from ruins.

A diamond must be compressed, pressurized, and inflamed in order to reach its final cut. The rays of the sun shine brightest after the cascade of thunder and lightning. The highest of mountains were erected from the treachery of exponential volcanic blasts. And lastly, a mother must endure 9 months of excruciating pain and anguish. Many sleepless nights and weary days but after NINE MONTHS—- she gives life… life defined not by the valleys, but by the peaks. By the sun and not the rain. Not by the latest test but by the greatest TESTimony. We are Kings and Queens built in the image of the earth’s finest of royalty. Realize, it is not the failure that keeps you in the abyss. It is your fear. It is your fear to fail. It is your fear to give everything that you have— have it not be good enough and then gather yourself to pick up the pieces and do it all over again, knowing you may very well fail again. But you must continue to press—- continue to drive into that wall until the pressure within it, is no match for the pressure within you. Remember at all times, the wind….the rain…..the fire… the pressure…. it all must subside——

… but Diamonds are forever. 💎


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