Life goes on behind the pictures. The angles, the lighting, your personal Snapchat hypeman… it’s all a facade. No doubt when the likes come rolling in it gives you the satisfaction that you are indeed killing the game. & when they don’t—— *delete* …. ooooh and don’t forget the infamous repost at peak scrolling hours… 😏👀 yeah we see you, you ain’t slick👀 I mean we’ve all been there…

It’s Saturday night, you scroll through the feed… *turnup* …swipe …*party* …swipe… *kickback* …swipe …*group trip in the islands or some other lavish expensive city* ….swipe… *thatonerelationshipgoalscoupleontheperfectdatethatmakesyouquestionyourrelationshipstatusandstandards* …SWIPE!,

looks as if your definition of “young, dumb, & BROKE” ain’t quite matching up to everyone else’s. Seems like everyone else has their life together. Truth is, no matter what Snapchat or IG, or even Facebook (ew) says, the STORY isn’t within those snapshots of the life of your peers. Just think, when you post that “issa snack” pic of yourself on Friday night, you tend to forget about that “issa dog treat” photo in your camera roll from Tuesday morning. We as humans tend to show the world what we want them to interpret from our lives and not always what we truly are, uncensored. Because if we did, I’m not sure if even WE would want US. Recognize that neither you or anyone else is defined by their digital footprint. The house, the cars, the money, the jewelry, the beautiful men/women, they mean nothing when your soul runs out of data. Never compare yourself to the silhouette of someone else. Focus on what’s real (& that’s you) *s/o J. Cole*

Just think, at the end of the day that Jesus piece worth 5k gon’ shine just the same as my $12 Aldo pendant… and you can find both of us…. “on instagram straight flexing”


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