“You Need to Cut it”

There is someone in your life right now that simply does not belong. I know,

that’s your “A1”, you “love” him/her, you and them “stay lit”….Mmmmhmmmm.. You don’t need them and you know it. They are a place holder for that part of you that is fearful of your potential. They allow you to feel comfortable with where you’ve been, where you are now and not where you are trying to go. I’ll break it down for you…. In high school, you had tons of friends. By the start of senior year you literally couldn’t walk two steps without a hug or a handshake. Yet somehow right before graduation….that pool of adoration washed up. You left high school with 10 friends and 6 years after graduation you’re lucky to be in contact with 5. No worries, it’s natural. & the cycle continues in college, all freshman friends don’t make good senior friends. And all senior friends definitely don’t make good post grad colleagues. Take those examples and apply them to your current state. Why waste time with a friend who only calls you for a turn up yet can’t text back when you ask how they are doing? What sense is there in hanging out with people who can’t do what is required of them to hold down a job, when you work everyday just to make a better life for yourself and your family? We love to claim Real recognizes real [and it does]… but if you continue to surround yourself with disingenuous relationship, then “you looking real unfamiliar right now”—*bloop* Recognize your growth… look around you right now and ask if that relationship is facilitating your growth or conspiring for your downfall. Here is the kicker… if that answer isn’t “YES” & firmly conducive to your success…. then in the words of my fellow K. Camp supporters…. SNIP SNIP.. IT AINT NOTHING TO CUT THAT ——- OFF.

The price you’re paying to hold on to something that is pulling on you like an anchor to a cruise ship… is entirely too high…. you need to cut it.

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