“World’s Greatest”

The definition of your greatness lies within you but specifically in two places, your mind and your heart. When we are young I believe that God places a certain dream, a certain passion, and a certain innate destination for our life in our heart. It is then our responsibility to listen, cultivate, refine, and will that destination into fruition. That process happens within your mind. Just as we work our muscles to gain physical strength an endurance in order to withstand the physical tolls of life, we must press our minds to higher heights of mental strength and stability. We do so In positive self talk, mental mirroring & imaging, goal setting, research and surrounding ourselves with positive influences; the mind over matter complex. This is much easier said than done but at a base level, think of it in this way…. whether you are a student, employee, CEO, etc., we all have tasks and responsibilities required of us in order to maintain our status. A weak mind will allow you to cater your level of work parallel to the level of priority you give to a certain assignment & therefore you will become easily distracted, you will be outworked and you will never reach your true potential and that innate destination. A dream deferred. A strong mind places each minute, each second of its time in high priority and will not allow you to slack or waste time. Why? Because the only person you hurt or disservice in in times of weak mindedness, is yourself. You wasted your time, you did not improve in any area of your life at that moment. The hardest thing in life is to consistently give 100% of yourself to every aspect of your life, every single day.  It’s near impossible. But the more you make a conscious effort to do so, the closer you’ll get to that innate destination within your heart. This is the basis of self motivation. The epitome of greatness.


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