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I’m Chad, & for a long time I’ve used a variety of platforms to find my voice. I’ve dabbled in music, social media, poetry… you name it and I’ve tried it. I’m a man of many interests and many passions. At 23, I’ve been privileged to experience the beauty of life and success, yet fortunate enough to withstand the trying times and pitfalls. This blog is my effort to share a piece of myself with you. I firmly believe we all were meant to be great. Not one of us wakes up in the morning and says, “I don’t wanna be anything in life”. From this blog I hope you find strength and motivation as I share the lessons I’ve learned thus far in life. You’ll find topics related to medicine as I embark on my journey to medical school this fall. We’ll explore the value of education for our youth as I am a dedicated Higher Education professional. Every title pays homage to the music in which I find substance, therefore we experience the depth of euphony together. Lastly & most importantly, you’ll find the perspective of a young, black male navigating life through relationships, graduate education, family, and spirituality

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Life from the perspective of this 30 something black chick

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Black Man, M.D.

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